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« Adding plant effects to a model » by Sproket’s Small World

« Or, the grass is always greener on the other side of the Troggoth!«  Here is a great article by Sproket’s Small World for enhancing your miniatures with plant effects. Read the full article at : Now that the paint job on my Troggoth is progressing I’ve been able to

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« How To Shoot Good Photos of Your Minis with a Smartphone » by Tabletop Minions

It’s not hard to shoot good photos of your wargaming miniatures with a smartphone – just follow Uncle Atom’s easy tips. Tabletop Minions – 2017 Note from : Although this video is from November 2017 and smartphones have evolved a lot since then, the advices are still relevants and

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Focus on Sorastro’s The Lord of the Rings Painting Series

Here are the seven videos of the « Sorastro’s The Lord of the Rings Painting Series« . Enjoy the techniques that will allow you to give life to your game miniatures by this great artist! Ep.1: Orcs, Goblins, & Ruffians Ep.2: Hungry Wargs Ep.3: Wights Ep.4: Hill Troll Ep.5: Legolas Ep.6: Aragorn

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